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Offering both rooster and hens, Riella Farms has a wide selection of live chickens to choose from.  

  Services to clean and cut available.

Roosters $14.00 ea

Hens $13.00 ea

Muscovy Ducks

Barn-raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. We don't hurry nature: we grow our ducks for 70-85 days compared to 42-45 days for most Peking ducks. This allows the bird to fully mature. Feed is carefully selected for a balanced diet and for the best possible yield and flavor.

Ducks $41.00ea

Peking Duck $25.00 ea


Silkie Chicken

Pigeon $11.00 ea

Silkie Chicken is the most exotic chicken we sell. Its black skin, black meat and black bones are covered in snowy white feathers. Silkies can be roasted like a chicken or boiled into a soup that some believe can strengthen the sick, elderly, and pregnant due to its "high iron" content.

Silke Chicken $14.00 ea

Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl are the bird of choice in most of Europe. Try ours to see what you've been missing. Our small-scale poultry farm raises the birds humanely, without antibiotics or hormones, using traditional methods to bring the very best guinea hens to market.

Guinea Fowl $22.00ea

Call or visit us today today, and let Riella Farms be your first choice!

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